• Lots of factory-sealed Rookie/Traded/Update sets
  • 1986 Topps Traded factory set (31x)
  • 1993 Stadium Club Murphy factory set
  • 2000 Topps Traded & Rookies factory set (9x)
  • 2001 Donruss Baseball’s Best factory-sealed sets – 1x Bronze, 2x Silver
  • 2001 Donruss The Rookies set (20x)
  • 2001 Donruss Elite Extra Edition complete redemption set (cards 201-250)
YearCard CompanySet# CardsFactory Sealed?QtyLoc
1983FleerFactory Set500N115
1984FleerComplete Set660N129
1985ToppsPartial Set789N114
1986Donruss The RookiesFactory Set56N122
1986FleerComplete Set660N17
1986Fleer UpdatedFactory Set132N117
1986ToppsComplete Set792N137
1986Topps TradedFactory Set132Y3118, 21
1987DonrussFactory Set660?113
1987DonrussThe Rookies56N122
1987FleerFactory Set660N129
1987Fleer UpdateTin Box132N727
1987Fleer UpdatedFactory Set132N817
1987ToppsComplete Set792N314, 37
1987Topps TradedFactory Set132N821
1988DonrussBaseball's Best336Y39, 31
1988DonrussComplete Set + BC660N19
1988DonrussFactory Set660Y19
1988Donruss The RookiesFactory Set56N122
1988FleerFactory Set660N57, 13, 15, 28
1988FleerFactory Set660Y328
1988Fleer UpdatedFactory Set132Y117
1988ScoreRookie & Traded110N720
1988ToppsComplete Set792N314, 37
1988Topps TradedFactory Set132N221
1989BowmanFactory Set484?512, 18
1989DonrussFactory Set660N313
1989Donruss TradedFactory Set56N122
1989FleerFactory Set660?67, 14, 15
1989Fleer UpdatedFactory Set132Y317
1989ScoreComplete Set660N114
1989ScoreFactory Set660Y128
1989ScoreRookie & Traded110N920
1989ScoreScoremasters42N1920, 26
1989ToppsComplete Set792N214, 37
1989ToppsMajor League Debut150Y618, 21, 26
1989Topps TradedFactory Set132N1321
1989Upper DeckPartial Factory Set (-Griffey)800N329
1989Upper DeckSeries 1 (partial -Griffey)700N129
1990BowmanComplete Set528N36, 13
1990BowmanFactory Set528?312
1990DonrussComplete Set716N114
1990DonrussFactory Set716Y113
1990FleerFactory Set660N215, 28
1990LeafFactory Set Series One264N17
1990LeafSeries 2264N17
1990ScoreFactory Set704Y129
1990Score Rookie & TradedFactory Set110N120
1990ToppsComplete Set792N237
1990Topps TradedFactory Set132N121
1990Upper DeckFactory Set800N113
1990Upper DeckFactory Set800Y113
1991BowmanFactory Set704Y128
1991DonrussComplete Set770N114
1991Donruss The RookiesFactory Set56N3019, 22, 32
1991Fleer UltraComplete Set400N310
1991Fleer Ultra UpdateFactory Set120Y317
1991Fleer Ultra UpdateFactory Set120N120
1991Fleer UpdateFactory Set132Y817
1991LeafComplete Set528N112
1991O-Pee-Chee PremierComplete Set132N110
1991ScoreComplete Set?893N18
1991Score Rookie & TradedFactory Set110N220
1991Score Rookies GlossyFactory Set40N120
1991Stadium ClubDome200N411
1991Stadium ClubSeries 1300N17
1991ToppsFactory Set792?213
1991Topps TradedFlat Red Box132Y317
1991Topps TradedGreen Box132Y5016, 21, 23
1991Topps TradedGreen Box132Y223
1991Upper DeckComplete Set800Y27
1991Upper DeckComplete Set800N29, 29
1991Upper DeckSeries 1700N28, 14
1991Upper Deck Final EditionFactory Set100N4018, 22, 26
1992DonrussComplete Set + BC + DK784N18
1992Donruss The RookiesComplete Set132N39
1992Donruss Triple PlayComplete Set264N138
1992FleerComplete Set720N214, 37
1992FleerFactory Set732N128
1992Fleer UpdateFactory Set136Y117
1992LeafGold Leaf Rookies24N144Acrylic
1992LeafSeries 2264N138
1992O-Pee-Chee PremierComplete Set198N138
1992PinnaclePartial Set (-#614)619N137
1992PinnacleSeries 1310N710
1992PinnacleSeries 2310N110
1992ScoreComplete Set893N18
1992ScoreSeries 1442N138
1992Score/Pinnacle Rookies GlossyFactory Set30N122
1992Stadium ClubComplete Set900N137
1992Stadium ClubSeries 1300N38, 10
1992Stadium ClubSeries 2300N410
1992Stadium ClubSeries 3300N19
1992Topps TradedFactory Set132Y223
1992Upper DeckComplete Set800N18
1992Upper DeckSeries 1700N129
1992Upper DeckTeam MVP Holographic54Y127
1993DonrussSeries 1396N138
1993DonrussSeries 2396N213
1993FleerComplete Set720N129
1993FleerSeries 1360N39, 38
1993Fleer Final EditionPartial Factory Set (-Edmonds)309N18
1993ScoreComplete Set660N137
1993ScoreSelect Stat Leaders90N144Polybag
1993Score SelectComplete Set405N17
1993Stadium ClubMurphy Dome200Y110
1993ToppsSeries 1396N18
1993ToppsSeries 1 (partial -Jeter)395N19
1993ToppsSeries 2429N69
1993Topps TradedFactory Set132Y323
1993Topps TradedFactory Set132N123
1993Upper DeckComplete Set (bricked)840N113
1993Upper DeckHome Run Heros (partial -HR9 +dups)32N144Acrylic
1993Upper DeckSeries 1420N39
1993Upper DeckSeries 2 Top Prospects (bricked)29N344Polybag
1994ClassicCream of the Crop25N144Polybag
1994Fleer ProCardsTucson Toros29N144Polybag
1994Fleer UpdateFactory Set210Y117
1994Topps TradedFlat Blue Box132Y117
1994Upper DeckSeries 2270N138
1994Upper Deck All-Time HerosPartial Set (-#58)225N17
1995BazookaComplete Set132N19
1995BestTop 100 Players100N144Acrylic
1995Collector's ChoiceSingle Series Factory Set530Y17
1995LeafGreat Gloves16N144Acrylic
1995Upper DeckSeries 1225N19
1995Upper DeckSeries 1 (partial -10, -100)223N138
1996BestAA All-Star56N244Polybag
1996Bowman's BestComplete Set180N17
1996LeafComplete Set220N17
1996Leaf LimitedComplete Set90N138
1996Upper Deck SPPartial Set (-Erstad)187N138
1997BowmanSeries 1 (bricked)221N138
1997SelectTools of the Trade25N144Acrylic
1998Bowman's BestBest Performers10N144Polybag
1998Fleer Tradition UpdateFactory Set100Y1517, 18, 20
1999Bowman's BestComplete Set200N17
1999Fleer Tradition UpdateFactory Set150Y1517, 18, 20
1999ToppsComplete Series 1 & 2462N119
1999Topps Traded & RookiesFactory Set121Y520, 23
1999Topps Traded & RookiesFactory Set121N420, 23
2000Bowman ChromeRookie Class 200010N144Polybag
2000Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & ProspectsFactory Set110Y120
2000Bowman Draft Picks & ProspectsFactory Set110N220, 23
2000Bowman Draft Picks & ProspectsFactory Set110Y320
2000Fleer Tradition UpdateFactory Set150N1319, 20, 24
2000Fleer Tradition UpdateFactory Set150Y3224, 25
2000Topps Chrome Traded & RookiesFactory Set135Y120
2000Topps Traded & RookiesFactory Set135Y623
2000Topps Traded & RookiesFactory Set135N323
2001DonrussBaseball's Best (Bronze/999)330Y128
2001DonrussBaseball's Best (Silver/499)330Y228
2001DonrussThe Rookies110Y2019
2001Donruss Elite Extra EditionRedemption Set (201-250)50N5Acrylic